Friday, 10 February 2012

James Brown Products

James Brown with Kate Moss 

Vogue Cover shot by Corinne Day and styled by James Brown

James brown is a London hair stylist who has his own range of products what are available to by from boots. He has worked with many famous people and his first Vogue cover was on Kate Moss in 1994. He has Alison done a program in 2011 called "Great British Hairdresser" which a lot of people will recognize him from.

I have tried quite a lot of his products, i first tried his products when my sister bought me a set for christmas and loved them all, this was his first range which is called 'James Brown London.' I am now trying his newest range which is called 'Photo Favulase' and I'm also loving this. It doesn't smell as nice but it dose give my hair more volume than normal and still makes it nice and soft, i have also treed the hairspray and mouse which do smell more and it a nice smell, i found the mousse was a little to tacky but the hairspray is great and you only need a really small amount of it for it to hold what you want.

The first photos are the products i bought in a set from Boots at Christmas time, I think it cost about £20 and i was really happy what i got, i like all of the products (not so much the mousse) i  was looking for some large rollers at the time anyway but i think they would be the same as any others. The shampoo and conditioner are just great like i said they leave your hair lovely and soft though with more volume. and the hairspray goes an awful long way and last the full day. I am also loving the wet bag, great to take to the shower. 

The prices range from about £6.00 to about £9.00 but personally I i think that is a reasonable price for a good hair product. 

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