Saturday, 4 February 2012

What's in my bag?

Thought I would do a post what I would read instantly off someone’s blog just because im really nosey, but aren’t we all?

So this is what I carry with me every day obviously things will change from day to day in there but this is what was in my bag when I looked.
What's there?
Bag- Newlook
My glasses (there not Bench) 
A tattered umberella from Newlook 
My purse from Primark
Gloves from Primark
Sure deoderent
Ted Baker body spray
Ted Baker mirror 
tattered Vasaline
Memery stick 
Rimmle Lasting perfection Foundation
Soup and Glory Perfume
Elf wet Gloss Brow and Lash clear Mascarra 
Elf Lipstick in- Party pink
Elf All over cover stick
Back comb brush
My college Fob Watch
Cheap hand sanetiser 
No.7 Nail polish in- Tango
No.7 brown eyebrow pencil
No.7 Nail fine
Barry M lipstick in- Touch of Magic 
Compony Magazine
Ipod touch with Blackberry Headphones 

I don't think you really needed a long list like that but thought I'd give it to you anywayyyyys!
Many more posts coming!x

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