Sunday, 12 February 2012

Studying Beauty Therapy

Hello guys! I thought I’d do a little chit chat post and talk about studying Beauty Therapy.
I have been studying Beauty since September and absolutely loving it. It is defiantly what I want to do and I have found something new that I love. I’ve learnt so much already, more than I thought I would. I wasn't initially going to study Beauty Therapy at college but i knew i would enjoy doing that and I wasn't sure what else i would study. so i went ahead with it. At school I got C's and B's in most subjects (exempt P.E. and R.E. which didn't really matter to me), so that helped me get onto the course at a higher level. 

I'm studying NVQ level 2 Beauty Therapy and in september I will be going on to study NVQ level 3 Beauty Therapy General route (or massage route) so overall the course will be 2 years long but you don't have to study for the second year. The reason i would like to study the second year is because i would LOVE to go on the cruise ships and work there or working in a spa. 
Would I recommend it?
Yes defiantly, if you enjoy things about Beauty (makeup, skin, nails, ect) I’m sure you would love it. I wasn’t sure about studying it at first, thinking I’d like to work with children but starting I knew it was for me. 
What do you learn?
We have learnt so much in the past 6 months, I am studying NVQ level 2 Beauty Therapy and that is the highest course I could have applied for from leaving school and next year I will be carrying on to studying NVQ Level 3 Beauty Therapy, But so far on level 2 we have learnt:
·         Facials
·         Manicures
·         Pedicures
·         Eye treatments (eyelash tint, eyebrow tint, eyelash extensions)
·         Waxing
·         Makeup (basics)
·         All special treatments (paraffin wax, masks, scrubs, oils)
·         Some Anatomy and physiology

And we are now starting on clients, getting in our own clients (family, friends etc) and strangers coming into the college salon to have treatments done by us. If you are interested in studying beauty Therapy go into your local college or look online. I'm sure you'd love it!
More posts coming! 
Serena x

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  1. I have thought about doing this in the past, seems like the sort of qualifications I would actually use!


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