Thursday, 8 March 2012


At the beginning of the month i bought No.7 Radiant boosting Hot cloth cleanser because i wanted the Liz Earle Hot clothe cleanser but didn't know where i could buy it in Hull, i had shopped around for it but couldn't find it anywhere (and i didn't want to order it offline). So i got the No.7 one and from then to today i am absolute loving it, it makes my skin feel really soft and i haven't been breaking out in blemishes as much, i have had one or two but who doesn't have that?

Every night i will remover my eye makeup and massage the cleanser all over my face and down my neck, then I remove it with my muslin cloth run under hot water. when i have done this my skin feels incredible but after applying a pea sized amount of Simple Light Moisturizer it feels even softer, my skin feels extremely refreshed and i have noticed where my skin was slightly red (between my brows and on my chin), it has reduced since using the cleanser. 

Next time i need to re-purchase though I think i will be buying the Liz Earle Cleanser, not because i don't like the No.7 one obviously but just because i have heard such good reviews about all of her product and would like to try for myself. Thinking by the sounds of it I will enjoy using the Liz Earle one more which it just crazy!

Also when i bought the Cleanser i bought the Eye-makeup remover, i have not enjoyed using this product, it is incredibly oily but says it is for all skin types. If you have oily skin i would not recommend this product at all, i have Dry/Normal skin and thought it was way to oily for my skin! I feel like I'm using the product wrong because in the instructions it doesn't say you should rinse your face or anything afterwards but it leaves such an oily residue and i feel the need to re-cleanse my face after using it.  Also i found is it didn't remove all traces of mascara unless i rubbed my eye until it got slightly sore and then my eyes went watery and red. I think i payed about £7.50 for it but it is not worth it at all, using normal eye makeup wipes are much easier and more effective.

thank you for reading, more posts coming 
Serena x

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