Sunday, 13 May 2012

Curly tots using the Babyliss Curling wand | BeautySW

I have been wearing my hair like this a lot recently and I do enjoy wearing my hair like this. Only because whenever I wear my hair straight or just natural (which is more or less straight) it just goes completely flat to my scalp and there no volume what so ever. This hairstyle doesn't seem to fall quite so flat and make my hair look lovely at the same time. I have a lot of questions whenever I wear my hair in this style, whether its from friends, family or people at college. Literally all I do is curl it with my curling wand from Babyliss, throw it about with my head hanging upside down a little, give it a little back comb and a touch of hair spray (not any in particular hair spray, just any cheep and happy hair spray that I find floating around my house somewhere).  

The wand is great I would say. It gets really hot at 200°C or you can take the temperature down in the steps (see picture above). I have quite a lot of hair and can cure my hair in about ten minuets using this, if i was using my GHD hair straighteners it would probably take twice as long to cure my hair.

When I bought the wand it came with a heat protecting glove thing but i didn't have much fun using that because I wasn't able to feel my hair in my hand so not I'm constantly burning 
my hands because the want gets so hot.


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