Monday, 14 May 2012

Manicure monday | BeautySW

Hello everyone, I wanted to start doing something of one topic once a week on a certain day, I thought a lot of my posts are on nails, and nail products and so on so I should probably mix all those posts to once a week in 'Manicure Monday' post. I hope you enjoy the first post in Manicure monday! (I hope that all makes sense, like it does in my head).

To get this cute pretty look i used Audrey Fullerton nail polish in- Jessica, and the white flowers and hearts are like transfers, they come in strips and you just pull off how much you need, stick it on your nail and apply a top coat, really easy, there just great! I bought them off e-bay about a year ago and don't know the seller and can not find them anywhere but here is some similar ones.

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