Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Manicure Monday #3

It's a day late I know... I'v had exams for the past week and been at work, had no spare time what so ever which is really sad and I hate not blogging :( but I should be getting back on track now posts should be getting more regular wooo! but here is manicure monday #3.
I got Natural overlays on my nails at college last week (so a friend could pass her unit). I liked them while they lasted but they didn't last long at all, about 6 days and they have damaged my nails now that have been removed. my nails felt sooo strong while they were on and I could do anything with them. They didn't give any extra length or change the shape of my nails but I didn't mind because I like the length of my natural nails.
You can see the natural overlays were begining to grow out at this stange and were looking slightly messy. I'm wearing on my nails- OPI- Rally pretty pink (which I love sosooo much)! with a small flower on my ring fingers which i bought off of e-bay for about £1.00 for twenty.

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