Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Milkmaid Braids | BeautySW


Iv seen Milkmaid braids around for quite a while now, probably about a year and I'v seen them a lot on celebrities, Bloggers, and youtube gurus but not so much around and about. I live in Hull, the east of England and im not sure if its just my area and you would see them more in places like London and the bigger cites in England where fashion is bigger and thought of more. 
This hairstyle is really pretty and cute, I think It's a new take on normal braids because sometimes braids can look a little bit childish and as though your Mum has done it for you when you were five... Its also a good way to get your hair off of your face, when your just having one of those days and don't want hair on your face (I have plenty of those). I have worn this for college and some people thought it looked nice but others though it looked weird. 
There is also a lot of different ways to go milkmaid braids, some are done in fishtail plates, some in normal plates, some done neatly and others messily, but I think all of the different styles look great. I have added a picture of a halo braid in there because It's also another great hairstyle, slightly more difficult to achieve to make it look good. But when its done well and in the right way it looks great. 
All i did to achieve my Milkmaid Braids is: Plait my hair into two Fishtail plaits, and pin them both across each other on the top of my head securing them with bobby pins, if you're not sure how to do a fishtail plait, a normal three strand plait will work just the same or look up on Youtube "how to - Fishtail Plait" I have seen some great tutorials. 
Pictures taken from various places.

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