Monday, 7 May 2012

Soap and Glory love

Hey Girlyss, Recently I have been realizing my large love for Soap and Glory. At Christmas my mum got one of the really big boxes full of Soap and Glory products as a present but she hasn't used a lot of the products she got it it, so i may have pinched a few (oopsie Serena). I have used some of their products in the past and I recently bought their perfume, which i obviously love too.

Sooo.... as you can see, I have used quite a lot of the products and they're beginning to get a little messy (and not very presentable). You can see in the first pictures the Body Butter has almost gone, I used this stuff at least once a day, absolutely love it, it makes my skin feel super soft and smells so lush. The Breakfast Scrub (or body exfoliate) is also only half full, I use this mainly when I'm going to be wearing false tan, It gets off any dead skin ad again make my skin feel incredible, the only downfall to this is it is super harsh, as in the beads that exfoliate you are really big and harsh (but it does that job and thats why). My Mum hates the smell of the Breakfast scrub but i lovelovelove it, Its like a coffee morning smell but not a strong coffee just a nice coffee (I don't even like Coffee). The Next product is 'Scrub your noes init' I have put this in here but I'm not quite sure of it, If anyone has used it please let me know how you have gotten on with it. When I apply it to my T-Zone as it says and gently massage in small circles it burns my skin (not like blister and stuff but feels like its burning) Its not so nice. What I have been doing It applying it and taking it straight off, it does make my skin feel nice afterwards though. The Bath Foam from Soap and glory is really really nice. It's not much different from an average Bath Foam but it smells nice, really, nice.

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