Friday, 11 May 2012

No.7 Heavenly Hydration | BeautySW

I'm trying to get my skin into good shape. I'v had the No.7 Heavenly Hydrating Moisturizing Mask in my draw for a while not but not used it properly and for some time to see real benefits from it. But because I'v been trying to put some goodness into my skin,I thought I'd give it a go and see what happens. What I'v been doing is when I'v cleansed and toned I have skipped moisturizing and put this only my skin (this is only on the night, not in the mornings) just a thin smearing of it but not rubbed it right into my skin, just left it to soak up it's self. and when I awake from my sleep in the morning my skin feels beautiful, not oily and has no residue but really nice, soft and just lush. 

It comes out as a gel type formula which i thought was a bit strange for a moisturizer. It does feel strange not creamy but not watery (its one of those thing you have to try for yourself I think). You can buy it from Boots along with all the other No.7 products. I really like most of No.7 skin care products, i think their well worth the money and saying that for skin care they are pretty low priced. Click here to see in Boots. It is priced at £14 which some may thin is a lot for No.7 but its a great product... 

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