Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Barry M nail polish& nail polish tag

I absoloutly love Barry m nail polish and thought i'd share with you my favorites. most of the polishes from barry m that i have tried have been great although a few months ago i bought the colour 'Blue moon' and it was the thinnest nail polish i have ever used. you need to apply litrally around 4 layers of the polish before it is a solid colour. At first i thought i may of picked a dodgy one but after reading a few reviews on it i could see that was the formula of the polish, i have no idea why it's like that though.

anywho, these are my favorites, from the dark read the colors are: Raspberry, Pink Flamingo, Peach Melba, Indigo, Mint Green, Also another one of my favorites is Coral, its a lovely summery coral but totaly forgot about it :(

The wheels that i have painted the colours onto are off e-bay they where really cheap but come in handy a lot to do things like this. I got 10 for about £2.00 i think. click here to see wheels.

1. What's your favorite nail polish company? Either Barry M or Models own
2. Glitter or no glitter? No glitter
3. OPI, China Glaze, or Essie? OPI, just because i haven't ever tried China glaze or Essie.
4. When do you change your nail polish? Well i can't wear nail polish to college so i can't wear it on tuesdays and wednesdays but other then that, every other day.
5. What's your favorite color on your nails? pinks and reds.
6. Darks or Brights? mmm, i'm really not sure i like most nail polishes ahaa
7. What are you wearing on your nails right this moment? OPI- Mrs. O'leary's BBQ (a post coming soon on that)
8. Matte Nails--In or Out? I like matte nails on other people but i don't really like to wear it myself
9. French Manicure? yes sometimes but not to often and love it on toes in summer.
10. Favorite Winter Color? I love Barry M indigo (above) and OPI mrs. o'leary's BBQ and No.7 Rose truffle, but mostly reds. 

Thanks for reading more posts coming 
Serena x

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