Friday, 30 March 2012

H&M bargain

Not the best pictures I know, but i just wanted to show you this top i got from H&M it was only £8.00 which i thought was a bargain really, tops like this sell for about £9.00-£10.00 in Primark and these are much better quality. I buy quite a lot of things from H&M everything is such good quality and price. I love the arm holes/sleeves on this because they make it look worn in and not so neat, a little bit messy.
Also i thought I'd put a little peek of what I'm wearing on my face today: Elf- all over cover stick in apricot beige (i didn't use foundation today), no.7 eyeshadow in my brows (the color out of the good earth palette the darkest brown), Maybelline XXL intense mascara, and   , Natural collection lipstick in Pink Mallow. 
ps i bought some ear rings and a few other bits on jewelry from Miss Selfrage the other day, the ones i have in was in a set with another four pairs and they were only £2.00. I got them in the Hull store but I'm sure they all have sales on so next time your in have a look there is some good bargains! 

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