Friday, 9 March 2012

First OPI polish review?

Hello everyone, as you can see I'm writing a review on an OPI nail polish. This polish was bought for me from my lovely sister last week and I absolutely love it, It's such a nice color. Though it looks more coral in the pictures than it is in real life, it's actually more of a bright pink shade than a coral. The polish in in the color 'You're a pisa work' I love the names of polishes too they just make a bigger personality (if that makes any sense). 
I think the OPI nail polishes are about £11 (one of the reasons i have never bought one for myself). Which is pretty steep for a nail polish, i know the Essie nail polishes are cheaper and i have a few of the Barry M nail polishes and think they are great for £3. But this nail polish does dry really quick and doesn't chip, i think my nail polish collection will have a few more OPI polishes in there soon, i shall keep you updated on that. 
more posts soon
Serena x

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  1. sorry if this sounds creepy but your nails are lovely.


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