Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Pretty pink 'n' pink Nails

I did this picture just to show how to do the reinforcements because i didnt know how to explain it in writing but my nails have on them here- OPI, flower-to-flower and over it Barry M, limited addition silver glitter.

Hello everyone, so i saw this nail art on Lauren Conrad's Blog so thought I'd try it out for myself and see how it looked. I deiced it looked great but because the polish was so thick towards the end it took sosoo long to dry, infect i don't think it dried completely through for about the full day. I think if the look was done with better quality nail polish and a good quick drying top coat it would be great, especially for summer!

So on to how to do:
First, protect your nails with a base coat, I used-Sally Hansen, Double Duty base& top coat.
Then you need to paint your whole nail a bright or dark pink (doesn't have to be pink but thats what I used, great color for summer) and I used the color-OPI, You're a Pisa work.
Now you need to stick two reinforcements together (like shown in picture) and stick them a third way down your nail. Paint the part of the nail that is showing above your reinforcements  a slightly lighter  shade of the color you chose I chose-Barry M, Pink Filming. Leave it to dry. 
Again you need to stick the reinforcements half way down your nail After you have done this you should paint your nails another lighter shade and I used more of a peachy shade again from Barry M, shade 'Melba'. 

This is how you can acheive this look, i think its a great idea, I use the reinforcements for college work but i always have about 300 (you get about 500 in a pack for around 90p) left so its a good way to use them all up!


  1. ohh these are lovely!! deff going to try them out xxx

  2. great idea! its a really lovely effect, especially with that colour pallet!
    your blog is really good by the way, i've spent a good 20 minutes checking out all your posts!



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