Thursday, 22 March 2012

My small but growing OPI collection

From left to right-Mrs. O'Learys BBQ, Your a pisa work, Flower-to-Flower, Blushingham Palace 

My collection is growing! so if you read post on my OPI nail polish in the color 'You're a pisa work' you would know that was my first OPI polish i had ever tried, but since then i have grown three new babies to my collection of OPI polishes. I love all four colors of the polish i have and haven't stopped wearing them since getting them. I would say i have been neglecting all my Barry M polishes (sorry barry M polishes), but i just love these! the brush is great because its large so you can paint all ten nails in about 3 minuets (no joke), and they dry soso quick so I'm not waiting 20 minuets because i can do anything because when I'm wanting for polish to dry i always smug it. 

The colors are so vibrant and pigmented, the only one I have used that hasn't given an opaque finish on the first layer is the color Flower-to-flower but on the second coat it is a great summery color and i love it! Out of the colors i have I probably dislike Blushingham Palace the most, its just not something id go for, I bought it off e-bay and in the picture it looked like a pearly pink, but when it got to me in the post its more of a metallic pink, although i like it the lease i don't hate it and i do still wear it. 

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