Saturday, 10 March 2012

MUA Lipstick

 Hello everyone! I know i have done a lot of reviews and things lately but i am going to start differing my posts but anywhoo, today my post is about how i love some of the MUA lipsticks.

This lipstick about is MUA in shade 1 it's a lovely shade to dress up an plain day outfit or wear when going out, they color does stay on your lips but when eating and drinking does come off quite quickly, but you can't ask for everything for one pound really can you? she shade is a deep red which i'm begining to love more and more each time i wear it.

Reasons for love: their price, they stay on the lips well, their not drying, their easy to get hold of (in england)
MUA products are probably known best for their price of £1.00! you can purchase them from Boots and Superdrug (there may be smaller companies that sell MUa but Boots and Superdrug are the only stores that i am aware that sell them). I have tried three of their lipsticks and i have loved all of them, the shades i have tried are: Shade 1 (above), shade 7 (below), and Shade 15 (which sadly broke and had to be binned).
Whilst browsing around the web i found out MUA actually have their own website and they ship internationally which is great!

 This shade of lipstick is MUA in shade 7, its a shimmery light pink, but its not too bright but gives a really nice satin pink finish to the lips, it looks great with a smokey eye or even nothing on the eye and a pink cheek. I actually bought this about three months ago and have worn it quite a lot, it's really easy to apply and unlike the red lipstick you can't really see any mistakes so if your not the best at applying lipstick, like me this is probibly great for you.
I think both the lipsticks will look great on all skin tones although shade 1 may make pale toned skin look a bit drowned out (it does this to me slightly).
Click HERE to go to the MUA website
OR HERE to go to the Superdrug website
thanks for reading
Serena x

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