Monday, 9 April 2012

Rimmel 1000 kisses

Hello everyone so recently i bought a 100 kissed lip stain from Rimmel London. I actually had quite highg expectation for these and have been eyeing them up for quite some time now and only just got one. Now, i dont actually like it all that much :(

Its really disappointing, i thought it was going to be great but i find them extremely awkward to apply onto my lips (not sure if thats just me been dopey). I'm not sure if its because im so used to just swiping across my lipstick and with the pen its  like im coloring in a picture at primary school again and have to stay within the lines (I've never been good at that). Also they don't stay for long at all, I thought they would because they're a stain sort of thing, but they don't, I'd say they last for about 1-2 hours. They claim to be moisturizing to the lips from the balm what comes on the end of the pen but i wouldn't say that moisturizes what so ever. 

Although i do like the little balm thing on the end of it to wear over normal lipsticks, i have been wearing it with my Sleek lipstick in the color papaya punch because its matte and i don't really like matte lipsticks. I shall link you to them here if you want to look at them anyway... 

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