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Hello everyone, todays post is about blackheads (as you can see from the title). I suffer really badly from blackheads and they haven't ever really gone (all of them) and never come back, if you have read my posts for a while i did a post about skin care and i said I'd only began a proper skin care routine just after christmas. This is probably the main cause of my blackheads. Before I began my skin care routine i only used a makeup wipe to remove the amount of makeup on my face which didn't cleanse or moisturize my skin. Lets just say I had a lot of blocked pores. If you'd like to read my skin care post and see some of the products i use on my skin click here, there will be an updated one soon...

People tend to think blackheads are caused by dirt but there actually not, they are caused by sebum (a type of oil our skin produces) that gets trapped in the pores of our skin and the process of oxidation happens and changes the color of the oil black, sometimes blackheads can be causes by creams and makeup that has sat on the skin and gotten locked into the pores and not cleaned out.Don't try and scrub your skin to death to remove any blackheads, it wont work. the removal of blackheads has to be done overtime. A good way to remove them is steaming you face, either use a face steamer (this is what I'v been using) or fill a bowl with boiling water and put a towel over it and hover you face about it, this will open your pores allowing the blackhead to be removed. when your pores are open (after steaming for aprox 10 minuets) apply and mask which is made from natural ingredients, Lush do some great ones what are designed for different types of skin and different problems. Do this about two times a week. Along with using a natural exfoliater. 

I'm defiantly not saying in they will vanish in the first week, like I said they have to be removed over time and you should defiantly see some change (I know I have). Try avoiding harsh things such as: Alcohol, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Mineral Oil, just because product like these will strip your skin which overall will make your skin produce more sebum (the oil that clogs your pores) and you will end up with more blackheads than you began with. Before starting college (last September) I thought blackheads was caused from dirt and exfoliated my skin to much and looking back on what i did i could see that my skin did produce more oils. My skin isn't excessively oily but i have combination skin therefore I have an oily T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) which is where all my blackheads are on my face and the nose and chin are the most common places for people to get blackheads because that is where most people get excessive oil on their face. 

Trying to squeeze blackheads also isn't the best idea, they will probably come out but that wont help the root cause of the blackhead so it will just return, you need something that will remove it but also maintain that pore and not let it get clogged again. squeezing and using comedone extractors can damage any skin because your skin is not tough! it can only take so much and pushing and prodding will not help. you could even damage the pores of your skin or make your blackhead become infected. A lot of comedone extractors actually push blackheads into the pore further making it infected and almost impossible to be removed

I hope this post has help (even a little) to you blackhead sufferers, I'm defiantly not an expert in skin but i have learnt some though college and I'm sure this is right!
ps sorry for the lack of pictures but blackheads aren't really very pretty ahaa 

please leave a comment below if you have used a good product that has helped with blackheads.

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