Wednesday, 11 April 2012

love, flat shoes

These are the shoes that I have recently lived in. even though they have ripped my feet to shreds I still love them! I'm pretty tall (5'9") so don't feel like i can pull of heels for everyday but I do love flat shoes anyway, I do have some low(ish) heels what i sometimes wear during the day but even them kill my feet aha. 

I have to say, these are not the shoes I will wear when I know I'm going to be walking quite far. After i purchased them, me and my Dad went to Bridlington and I wore these and my feet were bleeding, Literally bleeding because they had rubbed at my skin so much *ouch*.  Though after wearing them for two months they are almost broken in so are feeling better. They are from Newlook and was £15.00 but with student discount (at the time) they came to about £12.00, which i think is a bargain for some shoes, seen as you can buy shoes for that much at Primark... I have wanted some shoes of this style for ages now and love the ones in Topshop, but the newlook ones are just a better price and have more verity of color. 

I can't actually find these ones on the interweb but i have seen them in store in the past week or two, but Dorothy perkins have some really similar ones, sorry guys..... 

ps I'm thinking about buying some converse, I know i want the shorter, type ones not the ones that go up your ankle but not sure what color to get, what do you think? 

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