Thursday, 26 April 2012

Yankee Candle tarts


Recently i have bought a few Yankee Candle tarts. I never actually knew what these were until I saw a video on Youtube (ahaa silly me). but if your a bit silly like me, its just like the wax part of a candle with no wick. You can purchase the actual tart burners but i thought 'oh there there just the same as oil burners' (were you put the oil in the top and the tee light candle under, and i was correct! I have been loving these and so does my mum, she's turned into a yankee lover. It's just a great way to test out the different cents, because lets face it Yankee candles aren't thee cheapest when your on a budget...

B&Q do yankee candles but im not sure if they are different in some sort. They are called Yankee Candle Simply Home and they smell the same and things but they do have a different range and they are slightly cheaper, I think the Tarts i got from there were about 90p each and in Clinton cards the normal Yankee candle tarts are around £1.20.

The tarts I have tried are: Cherry Vanilla (simply home range), Bartlett Pear (Simply home range), Vanilla Cupcake, Vanilla Satin, Country Lemonade. I have to say they are all lush! but i think if I had to pick my favorite it would be Vanilla Cupcake or Cherry Vanilla. And as you can see me and my Mum love the vanilla smell ahaha. We was digging all the old oil burners out what Mum has the other week and putting a different one in each room of the house, but we started to chop the tarts in half because they took so long to burn each one down and we wanted to try them all.

We have this oil burner, which is in one of the picture but we wasn't sure if it would melt the wax because it doesn't get really hot (like the flame of a candle) because its electronic. Mum bought it off e-bay and it did work and gives off just as much cent as a normal oil burner click here for that. and click here for yankee candle where there's a huge sale!

Tip- If you chop your wax in half like me, make sure to wrap it in a bit of cling film so it doesn't loose its cent.


  1. Lovely!:) Wish you an amazing weekend sweetie!:)

  2. I LOVE Yankee candles...I have one (french vanilla, I think) in my room, but I haven't melt it over the candle and my room still smells like bakery :)

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