Thursday, 5 April 2012

a small love for rings...

So recently my ring collection has been growing, I never used to wear jewelry that much but now I can't get enough bling. The jewelry in Miss selfrage is so nice and quite good quality whenever there is a sale on jewelry in there I'm always picking up a few pieces because the prices go down so low (like £1-£3!!!). A great website to get Jewelry off is Regal Rose, they have some beautiful statement pieces what i have been eyeing up for a while now aha. Also another website is Ebay, you can pick up some amazingly cheap jewelry on there!! 

Above pictures-Ring one, is from primark, ring two, miss selfridge, ring three, dorothy perkins, ring four, dorothy perkins, rings five, one is old and the purple one was a gift from about two years ago. 
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  1. love all the rings, I especially like the old ones though :)


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